The Dance of Light, Softcover. (Free Shipping Worldwide)

Genre: Spiritual Ecology
Brief Description: A book about the sacredness of the Earth and its innate oneness.
Genre: Spiritual Ecology
Brief Description: A book about the sacredness of the Earth and its innate oneness.

The Dance of Light, Softcover. (Free Shipping Worldwide)


The Dance of Light: A new way of understanding the earth and all life forms as a single living being of light
Steve Hurt

About this Book: The Dance of Light offers us an account of a mystically inspired vision that describes the earth as a sacred, living being. Drawing from his knowledge of African earth lore and modern mysticism, Steve Hurt shows how the ancient earth rites of our ancestors can be incorporated into a modern vision of ecology that integrates the old with the newly evolving. In this integrated approach he also shares a modern Sufi perspective with us about how all of life is imbued with a subtle light, and how we can work with this light in our daily lives to assist the earth, and ourselves, in the birth of a new era. This book offers a refreshing diversion away from the popular ecological doomsday prophecies as it builds upon a positive and inspired vision of life that is filled with optimism about a new era of oneness. Ultimately, it shows us how our global community can work together to bring the sacred back into life, and thereby into our daily lives, helping to lay the foundations for a future that is alive with sacred purpose and in balance with the earth.

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“The Dance of Light explores the inherent oneness within life from a unique perspective: a multi-dimensional journey from the mineral kingdom, to the subtle realms that surround us, to our role as human beings. Only through including these different realms can we understand the true nature of life’s oneness, can we remember how the world is alive and permeated with light. The Dance of Lightrestores an original vision that is vital if we are to live the change that is so needed at this moment in time.”
—Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

5.00 out of 5

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Review by Cynthia Sue Larson  (San Francisco bay area, CA USA)

    This review is from: The Dance of Light – A new way of understanding the earth and all life forms. (Paperback)

    THE DANCE OF LIGHT is a magical book that invites us to see and hear the world as our ancestors once did, from “a state of communion with the oneness of the world.” This was much more than a dialogue, author Steve Hurt explains, “it was more a state of being.” Hurt tells stories from the San culture of South Africa, which indicates an incredibly sophisticated comprehension of the way ecosystems operate. The key to understanding the deeper view of interconnectedness between all plants and animals on this beautiful planet lies in acknowledging the subtle spirit which underlies all interactions. Tribal wisdom from indigenous cultures around the planet indicates how these spiritual responsible peoples were conscious caretakers of this planet. Hurt shows how we can regain the balance between humankind and nature by learning about the next level of awareness that humans can perceive… the light of oneness of creation.

    I love the stories of the San in THE DANCE OF LIGHT, as well as the way Hurt takes care to describe the vast wisdom and intelligence inherent in the plant and animal kingdoms. I especially love Hurts’s descriptions of the Earth’s subtle energy body, and his descriptions of the shamanic trance practices of the San who gained the ability to see past, present and future as one, along with clear discernment between good and not-so-good choices.

    This kind of deeper understanding may seem nearly impossible for most people to achieve, but Hurt explains it simply requires that we drop all preconceived notions about what we think we know about plants and animals in order to enter into a respectful state of gracious oneness, as the San did. THE DANCE OF LIGHT provides us with a vision of how we can once again become spiritually awakened individuals who speak to the Earth and all living things, with a sacred understanding between ourselves and all other parts of plant and animal kingdoms.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Review by James Loretta:

    Steven Hurt takes us on a mystical journey with an understanding of the earth as a living being of light–the Great Mother to us all. Taking stories from the tribal wisdom of the San in South Africa, he reveals how we have lost our way as shepherds of the planet. From magical tales of whales once protecting the earth from invaders to the subtle intelligence of both plants and minerals–Steven Hurt weaves a story of hope for how humankind can regain our ancient birthright as caretakers of a balanced environment by understanding and reconnecting with the Light that pervades all and that provides a connectedness that goes far beyond our the limitations we have placed upon ourselves through our worship of technology and materialism. His words gently invite us to stretch beyond our limited view of the world and open ourselves to a new spiritual understanding of our relationship to Nature. His message is one that is meant to shake us awake from our sleepwalking and open our eyes to true reality that lies in our connectedness to the subtle realms all around us. It is an invitation to dance in a new way–a dance understood and taught to us from time immemorial by shamans from all indigenous cultures of the world. Steven Hurt takes his place alongside other modern pioneers in carrying to us a message for our spiritual awakening. His book gives us a blueprint for assisting the earth to heal as part of a newly evolving modern vision of ecological health for our planet.

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