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Written in 2006 before the ecological crisis had become a matter of global awareness, The Dance of Light explores the sacredness of the living Earth.
The book was written with the intention of helping the reader to reconnect with the inherent oneness of life through journeying into the different dimensions of the earth. I believed then and still believe now that the remembrance of oneness is the key to the awakening of our collective culture and it is the only answer to moving beyond our current spiritual and ecological crisis.

Since 2006 the environmental crisis has escalated so radically that many now believe that a significant climate catastrophe is imminent. This climate catastrophe will displace millions of people, lead to radical species loss and will surely lead to a time of global turmoil in our social and political systems. It is a strange time to be alive and to witness this imminent crisis, especially knowing that the means to avert this crisis is in our hands. What is even more strange is knowing that the Earth, our beloved Mother, has offered us this emerging gift of oneness and made it accessible within our lives but humanity has collectively chosen not to see what has been offered. We have chosen material comforts instead, accepted a promise of prosperity that can never be fulfilled.

Where we stand now is a significant moment. Those that can partake in the emerging birth of oneness are here in the world, working behind the scenes, witnessing the destruction and the suffering and holding the light of the world in our hearts. We know that this too shall pass and that the Earth will renew herself, but are heartbroken at the loss of the potential that this new era held. We know that the loss of life will be a part of a greater cycle of rebirth and that the wheel will turn once again and that humanity will be reborn, yet again. But this time it will be especially sad because we were offered such a beautiful opportunity to transcend but sold our light for an absolute pittance.

There is one small seed that remains in fertile soil and it is the light that the new generation carries. There are young people alive now who have come from many different dimensions to be present in the world today and help us through this difficult time. There are warriors of old and sages from afar that are collectively gathering. Many that will not watch us burn without lending a hand and paying the ultimate sacrifice because of their love for this beautiful planet.

If you are one of us then choose today to live your deepest possible purpose, reach deeper than you believed you could and nurture your highest potential self into the world. The Earth needs your light.

With Love

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