Author’s Note

Author’s Note July 2020

The Dance of Light explores the sacredness of our living Earth. Written in 2006 the book was a visionary process, an inner journey in which I was shown the inherent oneness of life through journeying into the different dimensions of the Earth. I was shown in great detail how this beautiful planet came into being from the planes of light and how this light is the very substrate of the living world. It was a humbling and enlightening journey to be shown how everything that we experience in this world is truly the veiled face of God and how it is all one seamless whole that is alive and deeply conscious.

I believe that in the midst of this current spiritual and ecological crisis it is important to experience the sacredness of nature, to share this with our friends and our children. It is only through connecting to the sacred threads in life that we can evolve beyond our current era of hyper-materialism, only through experiences of the sacred that we can shift our evolutionary path away from this pending ecocide. It may be too late for us to escape a complete collapse though.

In the early 1990’s I was a student of Environmental Sciences, a new course that had just been opened in the department of Geography. We learned then about the ecological issues facing the planet and I believed I would fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a conservationist in Southern Africa. Since then the environmental crisis has escalated radically. I don’t think that anybody could have predicted just how quickly we could change the face of the earth. Many people now believe that a significant climate catastrophe is imminent. This climate catastrophe will displace millions of people, result in radical biosphere damage and will surely lead to a time of global turmoil in our social and political systems. It is a strange time to be alive and to witness this imminent crisis, especially knowing that the means to avert this crisis is in our hands. What is even more strange is that humanity does not see that the Earth is our Beloved Mother, that we are literally ‘earthlings’ and that our very existence is dependent on Her. I think that we are the first culture in history to see ourselves as separate from the Earth and this is a sign of a deep schism in our collective spiritual consciousness. It is, in my opinion, a sign of the end of days prophesied by Carl Jung in ‘The Red Book’ and many other prophets over the centuries.

Where we stand now is a significant moment. Those who love the Earth are being asked to witness the destruction and the suffering and to hold the light of the world in our hearts. We know that this too shall pass and that the Earth will renew herself, but are heartbroken at the loss of the potential that this new era held. We know that the loss of life will be a part of a greater cycle of rebirth and that the wheel will turn once again and that humanity will be reborn, yet again. But this time it will be especially sad because we were offered such a beautiful opportunity to transcend and evolve into a more mature humanity. We sold our beloved Earth for a pittance. We threw away the gift of realizing an entire era based on the principles of oneness.

There is one small seed that remains in fertile soil and it is the light that the new generation carries. It may not be a generation that we will live to see born, it may be a generation only sometime in the future. We don’t know. But there will one day be young people who need our help and support to become conscious of the knowledge that we were given. It is our duty to help create an athenaeum for this wisdom, to hold the light of the world for future generations and create a safe place for this knowledge to be handed down. That safe place is no longer a place or an organization, but it is hidden in plain sight in our hearts.

Steve Hurt

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