Essay: Visionary

Sufi Sheikh

Essay: Visionary

The world today doesn’t recognize it’s spiritual seers. This time on earth where seers are no longer recognized is one of the signs of a darkening period in the evolution of humanity. Without seers we limit our access to the regenerative properties of divine wisdom. Without seers we deny the subtle inner worlds a living symbiosis with humanity. This relationship between humanity and the inner worlds is like the roots of a tree that lie buried in the ground; you cannot cut the roots from a tree and expect it to grow. Seers offer us access to the wisdom of the inner worlds and keep the relationships that nurture the growth of our culture alive, they are the roots that reach down into the dark, fertile depths of the inner worlds and wrestle out the nutrients that nurture and sustain us.  It is a little understood and hardly remembered truth that it was the seers who weave the light from the inner to the outer, creating patterns that hold and nourish the growth of our culture. Without the seers that weave the light between the worlds our current culture will collapse, dying from the inside where the light that feeds our collective soul is no longer present. The seers can be though of as those who steer our collective evolution, guided by the wisdom of the gods, weaving the sacred threads of light into life itself that it may grow and thrive. What terrible fate awaits our world when we no longer listen and learn from the wisdom of our seers?

“We have the strange idea in the West that civilizations just happen: that they come into existence as a hit and miss affair and that we bumble along, creating and inventing and making it better.

But this is not how things are done at all.

Civilizations never just happen. They are brought into existence quite consciously, with unbelievable compassion and determination, from another world. Then the job of people experienced in ecstasy is to prepare the soil for them; carefully sow and plant them; care for them; watch them grow.”
Peter Kingsley, A Story Waiting to Pierce You: Mongolia, Tibet and the Destiny of the Western World

Oracle, Seer, Visionary and Prophet

History has been shaped by those who have experienced powerful visions. Major events that have shaped humanity stemmed from seers who took to implementing their revelations into the world. Ancient wisdom gained form visionary states and the truth it helped reveal spans the entire history of humanity, passed in a golden chain from one mystic to another.

Thoth, the ancient Egyptian scribe, was thrown into a world of visionary wonder and birthed the first seeds of wisdom that gave birth to Western civilization. The Greeks claimed he was the true author of every work of every branch of knowledge, human and divine. Thoth drew his wisdom, the sum of his knowledge, from the visionary states reached deep in the underworld. 

The ancient Greek philosophers would not have existed were it not for their oracle Pythia, priestess to Apollo at Delphi, and the oracle of Dione and Zeus at Dodona in Epirus. The fathers of Greek philosophy such as Empedocles and Parmenides performed elaborate sleeping rituals in which they visited the spirit realms and conversed with the gods of antiquity. From the conversations with oracles and Gods they gave us philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, and medicine.

The bible is littered with accounts of people receiving communication from God through dreams and visions. In the Old Testament, these visions and dreams were considered so important and their absence was a cause of great concern for the ancient Israelites. The transcendent was accessed through dreams and visions and these sacred dialogues were treated with great respect.

Mohammed’s prophetic visions have altered the course of human history. He heard the voice of the angel Gabriel tell him that say to him that he was a messenger of God. This developed into a lifetime of religious revelations, which became the Quran, the foundation of Islam.

Genghis Khan claimed that he had many dreams sent from Tengri, or “The god of eternal blue sky”, who told him that the world would one day kneel before him. 

Carl Jung, a modern messiah, journeyed with the ‘spirit of the deep’ and gathered the remedies for our our collective symbolic nourishment for the Western psyche.

A New Deism

Yet today we act as though revelation by gods and angels is something belonging to an ancient past and not worth consideration by an educated mind. Science has become our prophet, our messiah, our truth. We worship peer-reviewed studies, objective measurements and the proof of things that we can see and touch. We fear that which our ancestors claimed to be the source of their wisdom, inspiration and decision-making. We fear the very thing that our ancestors believed to have been the primordial source of all wisdom. These are tales of a forgotten history of the modern world and the fact that they are foreign to us is a sign of our impoverished inner world. These stories are the very substance that nourishes the flame that is the lifeblood of humanity, but we have lost our sacred source of rebirth and renewal.

Our terrible fear of all things other than a Newtonian world has led us to believe that science is Truth. We have given away our access to the imaginal worlds, the unconscious depths, the fertile darkness. We have thrown away the mystery inherent in creation, for the sake of science. 

Logically there is an absolute certainty that we are not the only civilization of sentient beings in the universe. Nor is our objective world, the world we can see and measure around us, the only thing that is real. Our universe is alive with possibility. Like a fractal, all forms exist within an endless variation to infinite ends. There cannot be any end to the multitude of life forms that could exist out there. Similarly, if we follow logic and ask it to lead us to truth, there are multiple unseen dimensions too. Our experience of the world is but one dimension, one tiny realm of possibility. The inner dimensions, the worlds that exist beyond form are as vast and as varied as the physical universe. There are many dimensions that our ancient forefathers knew only too well, the dimensions of the Gods.

And here we are. We exist, of that we can be sure. We share in the experience of being human but are terrified to look beyond the physical veil. We refuse to look deeper into our collective and universal psyche, to bow down again to mystery, to put science aside and marvel at the inner worlds. 

In ancient times we had a relationship with dreams and visions, but today we are disembodied spirits experiencing a shallow and utterly superficial fragment of the human condition. Yet our world is still filled with people experiencing visions, having prophetic dreams, of trans-dimensional communication with beings from other realms, both angelic and godly or even extra-terrestrial. The stories these people tell are vast and deep treasure troves of knowledge. But we discount these tales as nonsense. Leave these tales to the artists and fob them off as crazy.

Our modern spiritual traditions are built entirely from those human beings who claimed to speak to God. There are countless detailed accounts of direct revelation, direct experiences of these mystical prophets that walked the earth not too long ago. The very source of all cultures on this earth are epitomized by spiritual traditions that describe a living relationship with the gods. Yet somehow we deny our ability to communicate with the divine, with the spiritual, the transcendent, the angelic, the otherworldly. And look where we are now. What fruits has our supposed scientific enlightenment brought to the world other than desperate inequality and rampant materialism that is eating the earth alive.

For all our greatness in science, medicine, engineering, art and music, why are we so terrified of the transcendent and otherworldly? Why do we guard our material world so closely and yet give everything transcendent away?

There is something dreadfully wrong with the global collective mind and soul. Our world is increasingly devoid of the wisdom of the soul, devoid of spiritual leaders and prophets who have been ignored. Somehow we have managed to make life all about ourselves, about individualization and about everything but spirituality and this is why we are dead, dying and on our way to out. This global culture is a failed civilization that has given up its soul purpose.

We live, eat and breathe a materialistic world which is devoid of spirituality and the transcendent and so we have cut ourselves off from myth and imagination, from the possibility of even hearing the messages from the spiritual world that may be trying to communicate something valuable to our planet.

Materialism is the culture of the earth today. It dominates all aspects of the world through the networks of money and political power. There is no more separation between East and West, we are one global community and we have no collective wisdom for how to take care of the soul. Not for our own soul or for the soul of the Earth, of life. We don’t have a collective story to tell other than that the earth is falling apart under the weight of our rugged materialism. That is the story of our time: global ecological catastrophe as a direct result of our materialism, perpetuated by a humanity without a spiritual purpose and connection.

Standing at the Brink of our Decay

We are at the brink of the absolutely tragic loss of a connection to the thread of life that makes us human: our children. The primal forces of nature that we have ignored through our stubborn attachment to materialism are going to rise up and kill us. When our children die, then nothing remains of us or our lineages. We will be the fossilized remains of a species that once again rose up from this planet and then got wiped out. By all accounts of forbidden archeology, it would seem that humanity has been doing this for a while now. For me, there is no future on earth unless we actually invite the sacred, the transcendent into our lives. 

As earthlings we are most powerful when we connect to the soul of our earth, to the sacred, and integrate our ancient ancestral knowledge and wisdom into the present moment. We have forgotten this.

Our mature response to the call of the transcendent realm is to realize that we are all in this together and that our lives are inextricably connected in the underlying oneness of a living universe. All realms, all dimensions are a seamless oneness that we cannot continue to ignore. For the planet to evolve beyond the current crisis we will need to step out of our closed spiritual states and awaken, learn to integrate our subtle and spiritual awareness back into life again. Then we can connect with our ancestors, with the earth, with the gods, which is the natural path of our evolution.

But today we have stepped even one step further from the truth. We now live in a post-truth era, where even science is questionable, where truth is constructed through an extremely complex system of media and marketing. There is an intelligence within the post-truth era that is reminiscent of the Ahriman. We live in the era of the Ahrimanic deception, the title of a Rudolf Steiner lecture one hundred years ago. As he said: “Ahriman is the power that makes man dry, prosaic, philistine — that ossifies him and brings him to the superstition of materialism.”

As Steiner went on to say “Ahriman will appear in human form and the only question is, how he will find humanity prepared. Will his preparations have secured for him as followers the whole of mankind that today calls itself civilized, or will he find a humanity that can offer resistance.” Whether we find the resistance to the deceptions of this era will depend on whether humanity can bow to the will of God.