Uniting Heaven and Earth

The Earth is a living, sacred being. She is the microcosm of the universe which is the physical manifestation of God, the One. The Earth is also our Mother and we are a part of Her body that carries an aspect of her consciousness that can unite the polarities of heaven and earth. But we have collectively forgotten this ancient knowledge and we are no longer conscious of our place in the world or the universe.

So let it be said again and again that I may remember it forever: We are here to be guardians of the Earth.

Unless we change our culture of rugged materialism there will be no hope for the Earth and nothing left for our children to inherit. We will have consumed everything in our paths, like hungry ghosts that cannot ever be satiated and this will ultimately kill the Earth. The dark spell that has stolen the light from our world must somehow be broken and a new era must be ushered in. This dark spell is intent on absorbing all the light in creation. It is the antithesis of light – pure dark matter that absorbs every living thing.

The signs are so clear: If we do not collectively wake up and restore our attention to the light within creation then life will collapse and return to the primal dust that was once the essence of its origin.

But with the crisis of our collective state there is also an opportunity. There is a space in this transition where the light has not been absorbed by the darkness, a space that has been kept safely inside the heart of our Mother. This space is a mystical secret that has been protected in the inner circles of mysticism since the beginning of time, a space where the light has always been protected by those that are the chosen ones of God. This space in the world’s collective darkness holds a seed of potential for the world, an opportunity of grace that is being offered by God. The space is a new archetype that is being born, expressed as Oneness.

But this is not a journey that the mystics must take alone. This time of need has issued an invitation to all of humanity to participate in the birth of a new era. Those who can hear the call are required to be present, to acknowledge it within and to create a mystical space for its unfolding in their hearts. This is the responsibility of the time and it contains the essence of the present need.  With our feet firmly rooted in the soil and our hearts emptied of separation and captured by the wings of Love, we can be the portal through which God’s light can shine on creation again.


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