About the Book:

The Dance of Light is a mystical vision that describes the earth as a sacred, living being. Drawing from his knowledge of African earth lore and modern mysticism, Steve Hurt shows how the ancient earth rites of our ancestors can be incorporated into a modern vision of ecology that integrates the old with the newly evolving. In this integrated approach he also shares a Sufi perspective  about how all of life is imbued with a subtle light and how we can work with this light in our daily lives to assist the earth in the birth of a new era. This book offers a refreshing diversion away from the popular ecological doomsday prophecies as it builds upon a positive and inspired vision of life that is filled with optimism about a new era of oneness. Ultimately it shows us how our global community can work together to bring the sacred back into life, and thereby into our daily lives, helping to lay the foundations for a future that is alive with sacred purpose and in balance with the earth.


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