The Heartbeat of the Earth

The Heartbeat of the Earth

“The heart is turned to God by longing, and longing is the hearts remembrance of God, and as we live this longing, so we remember our beloved. Longing turns us back towards God and our tears wash away the veils of forgetfulness.” LVL


Fireside ThoughtsI have experienced these subtle moments in nature, whilst sitting under a tree or swimming in the sea, moments of primordial oneness where life is revealed in a living fractal of oneness. Maybe because the mind is free from the tyranny of cascading thoughts for a brief moment and there is enough emptiness to reveal a glimpse of the world as it really is. This transcendent moment reveals a oneness that is good and true and beautiful.

In these moments, nature in Her raw and unveiled form is intrinsically mystical. She is an awe inspiring reflection of the beauty that must be the veiled face of God. Looking upon Her face reveals a secret weaving of the holy and alliance between matter and spirit.

The folds of Her skin are where we live our lives, unaware that we are so intimate and close. But humanity has forgotten this spiritual secret. We are travellers who have fallen asleep in the caravanserai of her body, believing falsely that we are separated from our beloved Earth Mother. We have forgotten a deep spiritual truth that we are one living being, all the universe, Earth and humanity, are one. We are the pulse of the universe and a fragment of God’s seamless wholeness. We are a microcosm of the Earth and She is a microcosm of a greater form of worlds within worlds, layers of consciousness embedded within deeper and wider webs of life.

The Living Heartbeat

Everything is alive and it resounds with a song that is the music of the universe, a symphony of life unfolding through space and time and then returning to its source. This is the deep rhythmic pulse of all life. All life flows within this fundamental rhythm, this resounding drumbeat that is the heartbeat of life, of the Earth, of ourselves.

The Earth is an infinitely small part of an infinitely large unfolding universe. Her heart beats in unison with the heartbeat of the universe. It is an ancient rhythm, weaving and dancing with light throughout all of creation, from the nothingness before time to the present moment.

We see and feel this pulse of the Earth in the ebb and flow of the tides, the mysterious cycles of falling rain, the reliable cycle of the sun heating and cooling the ground, the majestic and complex ecosystems of plants and in our own cycles of life and rebirth. In our own bodies, in our cycles of life and death, we mimic this heartbeat that measures the passing of time. These cycles cannot be restricted by our rational measuring in points and way-stations. They are a rhythm, a beat, a song and a dance that is forever changing and fluid.

Within the rhythmic heartbeat there is a natural pause between beats. The pause in her heartbeat is an unknown, unseen and un-manifest substance that is the living substrate of the beat. The pause exists in the empty spaces of this heartbeat and it includes the heartbeat too. This pause is the wholeness of the breath in nature that is moving between two poles in creation, it is the strange nothingness, the fertile darkness  upon which the relationship between opposites manifests. Our hearts, entrained to her heartbeat, also contain this emptiness of creation and so we too are this fertile darkness upon which the songs of life are orchestrated.

Being attentive in nature, in meditation, we hear our hearts singing this song that is sacred and holy. We hear music emanating from the unbound totality, a universal symphony resounding throughout the created world and inside the smallest seashell.

12509581_10153852180581823_1819077020035556709_n-1An Axis of Love

This heartbeat is also our breath as it is drawn and exhaled, drawing our souls into and out of the created world. It is the same heartbeat of the universe that is alive within each of our cells. The cells of the heart in a growing embryo naturally entrain to the Earths heartbeat before the heart is even formed. This dance of opposites upon fertile spaces of nothingness is the very essence of all life.

There is an ancient wisdom that says that the heart of the Earth, like ours, is held between the fingers of God and gently turned by His will. God’s will is the axis of love and all life oscillates around this axis. Perhaps God is this strange nothingness that is the pause between the poles of creation, perhaps God is both the pause and the poles, both the being and the non-beingness of the heartbeat of life.

And I imagine that as the heart is turned in the fingers of God, so it dances this partnering of opposites in long sweeping rhythmic cycles of life unfolding unto itself. This dynamic flow brings to mind a beautiful vision of Earth, alive and deeply conscious, Her heart turned in the fingers of God, ever present in the eternal moment, dutifully unfolding life unto itself.

12346471_10153781559106823_1932784733016731312_nMiraculous Humanity

We (humanity) are the miracles that live by virtue of this universal heartbeat. We are also an even deeper mystery of self-consciousness and free will, able to look back upon creation and reflect upon our very presence within it.

How is it that we can consciously look back upon ourselves and “know that we know”?

Adam and Eve are the archetypal humans who were born into creation and lived in the primordial oneness of creation, at one with the Earth yet imbued with the power of free will. Perhaps the Goddess Earth gave birth to self-consciousness in the form of humanity that she may know the dynamics of her duality. I read somewhere that She wished to consciously learn to live an even deeper love that can contain this dichotomy.

In the heartbeat of the Earth is this dance of consciousness between separation and oneness which are the poles that humanity can know. I wonder if through knowledge of these poles we can awaken the earth to deeper levels of the essential nature of the oneness of life and the oneness of the Self?  Perhaps this is the calling of Her heart, the purpose of Her heartbeat: to empty Herself of all contradictions and dualities again and again that in Her emptiness She may receive more of the pure light of the creator and reflect it back to her beloved.

Perhaps it is through Her children, humanity, that She embodies this process of witnessing Her Creator’s oneness. And perhaps this longing to know Her Creator more deeply gave rise to the birth of humanity because She longs to know the Beloved in His entirety.  And  perhaps, just maybe, the purpose of humanity is to be the vehicle of Her loving and her knowing.

We live, we breathe, we come to know this heartbeat as our very own.
This is a beautiful dance of unfolding consciousness, the dance of life.


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