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Mother Earth

Our beloved Earth is a sentient being, an ancient soul in the process of completing her own life’s journey. She is the embodiment of the deepest and most ancient mysteries of our universe. She is the keeper of the secret of secrets. Our beloved Earth is mother to all of creation. Her blood is made […]

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Beloved Shaman

Shamanism knows and breathes nature in Her entirety. Shamanism is fed by the spirit of nature and in return it feeds Nature’s spirit. The shaman and Nature are like one breath; they inhale and exhale one another throughout time. This breath is a bond of love. Life breathes through the Shaman in order to live life […]

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Awakening the Nature Soul

“I walk the earth with my feet deeply rooted in the soil. My heart beats in unison with the clouds, the thunder and the rain. As I give myself to the moment I become the tide that ebbs and flows, I am the sun that rises and the moon that dances with the stars. I […]

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What is a River? It is not the water runningalong its rocky course.The water is but a traveller,journeying from cloud to sea. Listen to its gurgling…Is this the river speaking?Or is its voice hiddenin the chattering symphonyof robins perched in the bushand singing their territorial proclamations? This riverstone, maybe it knows.It certainly speaks of waterand […]

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Uniting Heaven and Earth

The Earth is a living, sacred being. She is the microcosm of the universe which is the physical manifestation of God, the One. The Earth is also our Mother and it is a forgotten secret that we humans are a part of Her body. Not only are we a part of Her body but we […]

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The Heartbeat of the Earth

“The heart is turned to God by longing, and longing is the hearts remembrance of God, and as we live this longing, so we remember our beloved. Longing turns us back towards God and our tears wash away the veils of forgetfulness.” LVL Oneness  There are these subtle moments that come to us in nature. Moments […]

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Salmon Shadows

There was a shamanic secret being whispered in the wind this morning as the clouds rose up above the mountains and wet the earth with their scattered drops. It tasted like a magic spell that sighed… “remembrance”. The spell coaxed a memory from the recesses of my unconscious, from way back before the burnings, to […]

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The world today doesn’t recognize or value its spiritual visionaries. This time on earth, where visionaries are ignored, is a sign of the darkest period in the current incarnation of humanity. Without them we have no access to the wisdom of the inner worlds because it is the visionaries who weave the light from the […]

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