Trailing Oneness

Oneness is the common thread that binds all of humanity across time and space. Oneness is the flow of light within all living systems that has been present since the inception of the world. It is the sweetness that existed before the honey, the fragrance that was present before the rose. Oneness is the living presence of God in this world. It takes us back to God.

Looking deep into a flower in the morning light, dewdrop reflecting a thousand hues, inhaling the fragrance, absorbing the colours. The light of God is present here. Feeling the sun warm the earth, listening to the birds greet the morning sun. God is present here. The sweetness of this moment exists before time. Nature is always reflecting this primordial love that is at the centre of creation. This love always revealing itself to a heart that is filled with awe and longing.

The substance of oneness, the presence of God in creation, is innately understood by the mystic who experiences this state in every breath. This state of knowing is the natural state of the mystic that we all long to experience. The mystic realizes this state and remembers it constantly. When we witness this remembrance in the teacher it strikes a deep chord of longing. 

There is a reason for this longing, a reason for our deep hunger for that which is real. There is a reason for our cry in the middle of the night when the darkness of the world seems to close in on us. We long for God when we are close to death, we cry out to God when we are in danger of being extinguished by the darkness of the world. We long for oneness because somewhere inside us there is the memory that it is our innate nature, it is the cloth from which our souls are cut. Humanity is a fabric woven by the angels who hold continual remembrance of God. Each thread is woven with the remembrance of God. Our true nature is that we are one cloth, one humanity woven together with threads of divine remembrance.

Each breath of nature witnessed in the cycles of night and day is a divine remembrance of God. Our beloved Earth breathes and remembers God. The birds sing this remembrance, the river flows with it, the sunrise pronounces it. Each breath a human being takes is an opportunity to remember God. Each breath we take is a moment of invoking the remembrance of God. The mystic longs for God so much that she remembers Him in every breath. 

“…trailing clouds of glory do we come From God, who is our home: Heaven lies about us in our infancy!” (William Wordsworth)

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