Mother Earth

Our beloved Earth is Mother to us all.
She is a sentient being, an ancient soul in the process of completing her own life’s journey. She is the embodiment of the deepest and most ancient mysteries of our universe. She is the keeper of the secret of secrets.

Our beloved Earth is not some geographical object that we make her out to be. She is a goddess, a deep and mysterious being who deserves our utmost respect. Her role is to be both the body of creation and mother to all of creation. This is a paradox. The gods don’t abide by our mortal rules. She is both the embodiment of creation and the mother to all living things within creation. She is the created world and the creator of life.

Her blood is made up of the waters of the planet which move in an endless flow from cloud to rain to river and ocean, filling every pore of the earth, bringing the kiss of life to matter. Her breath is the air and the wind, carrying pure particles of light which are woven into the very fabric of physical creation. Her bones are the rocks and her flesh is the soft green blanket of flora covering the land. Our beloved Earth exists in multiple dimensions, from dense matter to the subtle spirit realms. Her body is the meeting place of these worlds. She is a divine confluence of worlds within worlds, bound together in a magical spell of love and she is utterly beautiful, beyond the words of the greatest of love poets. Her heart spins on an axis love at the center of creation.  This love is the alchemical substance that gives birth to life in an endless cycle of death and renewal, the unfurling tapestry of creation

Love manifests as divine light at the center of creation and bursts forth from the seams of everything in existence. This light is love, they are one, and they are woven in a web of wholeness from the subtle world of the beyond into the dense forms of matter. This Earth that we stand on is utterly sacred and holy, but humanity has forgotten this sacred lore. She is an exquisitely woven body of light, a delicate and perfect fabric of creation, woven by the hands of the greatest intelligence with golden threads of love. This light body unfurls like a blossoming meadow of flowers throughout all aspects of creation, from the smallest microcosm to the cosmos itself. Always something new being born. Always utterly sacred and holy.

Our beloved Earth is only partially recognizable by the five human senses. It requires the sense born from love in our hearts, with eyes made tear-soft, to know the totality of her being.

With subtle sight we are given access to the non-physical worlds, dimensions of light and darkness, form and emptiness within the Earth’s body. These are the birthplaces of the ancient mythical creatures of fairy tales, the archetypal dimensions of our psyche and Hers. With soft eyes we know the truth of this spirit world, we see how there are beings within beings in an endless unfolding of light upon light, a seemingly infinite unfolding of the many faces of God.

From the depths of the fertile darkness to the brilliant dimensions of light, Her inner world is a universe of these endless manifestations of life. Angels, devas, nature spirits and beings beyond words who, like us, are living a specific note of God. In nature we can feel the presence of these devas, these aspects of Her that have accumulated great knowledge and power and made immense spiritual progress in their karmic journeys. Many of these beings have attained enlightenment or perfection in the strain of life which they represent. These are the great spirits of trees, animals and mountains, which still live in this world, applying their consciousness to the work of Mother Earth’s evolutionary journey.

These words are but the smallest taste of the Truth that underlie this most beautiful fragment of creation. Nobody can really see the true face of our Mother and survive. We see the smallest fragments and can only imagine what utter magnificence lies beyond these realms. We are blinded by the smallest glimpse of the true beauty of our Earth, so we rely on second-hand accounts of those that have seen fragments and survived. Yet truly, the depth of beauty of our Mother Earth is beyond words. Her name is etched inside the innermost chambers of our hearts where we dare not look for too long or face the devastation of experiencing a love that is beyond this world.

But once we have tasted even the smallest glimpse of Her vast beauty there is nothing left in this world that can satisfy us any more. We are devastated and entranced by her beauty and are left with a deep longing that brings us to our knees, begging for one more glimpse, one more glance from her loving eyes. Her beauty is That which can only bring us to our knees in prayer and surrender to Love.

And then there is the fall. Once we have seen Her face there is the inevitability of having to face a very different picture in the world that comes to greet us every day. There is the utter devastation as one recognizes where she stands today. Our Mother has been desecrated.

There is no pain greater than the acknowledgement of this. Our role on earth is to be Her guardians, Her lovers, to give of our light to Her light, to nurture the ongoing dance of light within Her. How is it possible that we have turned so absolutely callous and desecrated the body and soul of our beloved Mother Earth?

There is no answer for this question.

Human beings. We too are the Goddess, imbued with the same sacred powers of creation. We too are the continual unfolding of mystery and magic that is at the center of all life. We are a microcosm within the body of Gaia, we are born from her flesh and are her offspring.

If our Mother is an ancient goddess, then what does it mean to be an earthling? This is the secret miracle and mystery of what it means to be human.

In this time of great desecration of the planet it has become utterly important that those who can see with spiritual clarity, those whose hearts are awakened in conscious love, and those who simply love the earth, consciously choose to recognize and relate to the Earth as a sacred being and as our beloved Mother. Without this vital remembrance we will reach an evolutionary dead-end and unconsciously allow a great moment of spiritual evolution to be lost. Our love for the earth is the single simple key to allow a new era of the rebirth of humanity to unfold.

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