The Dance of Light is a story about the sacred light that is present in the body of the living earth.
Weaving the threads of stories from African earth lore, mysticism and ecology, Steve Hurt shows how the ancient earth wisdom of our ancestors can be incorporated into a new vision of ecology that is a rooted in oneness. This story reminds us of an ancient, sacred way of understanding the earth that is much needed in these times.

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“The Dance of Light explores the inherent oneness within life from a unique perspective: a multi-dimensional journey from the mineral kingdom, to the subtle realms that surround us, to our role as human beings. Only through including these different realms can we understand the true nature of life’s oneness, can we remember how the world is alive and permeated with light. The Dance of Light restores an original vision that is vital if we are to live the change that is so needed at this moment in time.”

– Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Sufi teacher and author.

“The Dance of Light is a magical book that invites us to see and hear the world as our ancestors once did, from “a state of communion with the oneness of the world… the light of oneness of creation.

– Cynthia Sue Larson, author of Reality Shifters.

Steven Hurt takes us on a mystical journey with an understanding of the earth as a living being of light, the Great Mother to us all. His words gently invite us to stretch beyond our limited view of the world and open ourselves to a new spiritual understanding of our relationship to Nature

– James Loretta, author of Quantum Feng Shui.

About the Author:
Steven Hurt lives in Wilderness, South Africa and The Dance of Light is his first book. His writing aligns with the principles of spiritual ecology which approaches issues around the environmental crisis from a spiritual perspective. Steve’s influences stem from principles of shamanism, sufism and a wholehearted love for the earth. Steve is currently working on a collection of essays delving into stories about spiritual life in the Anthropocene.